The Boaters Cafe

En Burk and Allen Morgan will be opening their current Territory Landscape, entitled The Boaters' Cafe' for viewing from Nov 21 to Dec 7, 2003. This is the fourth in a series of site-specific installations at this location.

The Boaters' Cafe' is a landscape situated between two worlds, with doorways into both. Visitors to the exhibition are given the option (recommended) to be blindfolded, and are guided down the hallway to one entrance, where the blindfold is removed. Then they can enter and experience the landscape at their leisure, moving through the space or taking a seat at one of the Cafe' tables. Characters who commonly come and go through the other entrance, the one leading to and from the Territory, may at any time show up. The mingling of Cafe' patrons and Territory characters creates the theatre of this place. For the next few years, The Boaters' Cafe' will be the stage set for various plays enacted by The Territory Theatre Company. For now, though, you're welcome just to come and enjoy the atmosphere. The space is entirely lit with hanging candles. Perhaps you will be served tea. Or, if you step up to the Essence Bar, the bartender may mix you a personalized elixir. One never knows, but a visitor who enters through one door may leave through the other, into a world different from the one they knew before they arrived.


There are many in-progress pictures of the Boaters' Cafe' on the website: There is also an extensive archives of past Territory Landscapes. For more information, call 416-538-4003, or email

The dates of the show are: Nov 21 to Dec 7, 2003 ~Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 7-10 pm, Sundays 1-5 pm

(except there will be no showing on Saturday Nov 29)

opening reception Friday, Nov 21, 7-10 pm

Address: 87 Wade Ave. #305 (near the Lansdowne subway - 1 block north of Bloor and 1 block west of Lansdowne) Toronto, Ont. M6H 1P5 416-538-4003

If you would like more info on the show you can e-mail us at:

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