What happened in the Territory Orphanage ~ August 2001

bfab-13w bfab17w

The Mystic Box of Ho found some colour (though the colour didn't stay all that long)

bfab08w bfab05w

It had a nice glow from the inside out and helped us remember from the outside in





The mandala hoops came out through the air and made a gesture to the tree

root-01w root-07w

The roots of the tree curled out on the floor and made the door in the trunk more inviting

tree-43w tree-56w

The tree branches grew and dipped to the floor creating paths above and below



A gold speckled beam was suddenly there at the centre of the tree






It threw it's energy into the trunk and anchored the tree to the floor

tree078w tree079w

When we turned out the lights and lit the lamps, the Bardo began to appear

hobx07w hobx08w

Ho's Mystic Box looked Bardoy too and ready to be something new

glass01w glas06w

Something to do with all the glass balls that collected themselves in the centre square

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