What happened in the Territory Orphanage ~ October 2001

tree68w tree66w

The branches of the Bardo Tree are free and in the air



Growing all throughout the space - the energy is everywhere

tree64w tree64w tree70w

From where did this tree initially spring and why is it growing here?

bobx14w hobx15w

The bardo rain has drifted down and finally fallen out on the ground

hobx09w hobx12w

Empty drops collecting form, in and out and all around the Mystic Box of Ho





Flying shapes have found their place amidst the hovering forms

hoop28w hoop27w

The energy hoops are spilling through the holes the Bardo employs

hoop38w hoop32w

Filling the air like flattened bubbles they almost seem to be bursting backwards

hoop34w hoop35w

Where oh where has the Big Bang gone, oh where oh where can it be?

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