Remember One Thing

at Pteros Gallery ~ February, 2002

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remem60wremem74zIn the everyday world we sometimes feel we’ve forgotten something very essential. We try to remember whatever it is whenever we can, but sometimes it’s hard to even remember there’s something that needs remembering. There is of course, so we keep on trying, thinking it might be this or that, or some of each and why not include some other things too, mixing and matching, casting our line in the deepening waters of some other place ~ there are lots of fish in the sea after all, many many, many things and all in need of remembering. Actually not. There is a sea, an ocean beyond what we normally see in our everyday lives, but we only need to remember one thing.


remem64zremem01wThe Territory landscape in the Pteros Gallery gives you the chance to Remember One Thing. We’ve arranged for a crack between the place of the everyday world and the space of the Territory sea. Sit on the meditation mat and face the wall where the crack appears. The chakra gestures of the empty Elders support you from behind. On the everyday side of the wall you face a pyramid of chestnut flowers. Above is a disk, an incense stick has been lit recently - civilized things on this side of the wall, though you might hear the call of the other side too if you sit very still and are quiet. There’s a book nearby where others have written about what they hope may be waiting beyond. Maybe you’d like to write something too before you continue. Or when you return, why not write something then? Others have gone and come back again, stopping back at the book to record a glimpse of what they found on the other side. A boat. The wind. The Territory sea. Don’t take their word, go see for yourself. What else could you possibly want to do but remember one thing!


remem23zremem28zSome have thought what they need to remember is there in the boat. Others have felt they’re the boat themselves. It certainly is a personal sight - the crown chakra sits at the top of the mast and the red strings descend to the root of the root through the empty bowl of the heart ~ the boat faces you as you sit on the mat outside the crack in the everyday world. Can you be in two places at once? Or more? Or not at all? Maybe when all is said and done, you may decide that the boat is more than just what you see, only a glimpse of something much larger and further away. Whatever you think about what it fortends the boat is certainly sailing towards you, closer and closer. Is something coming (something good), something you could sing in a song, coming along just for you? Or maybe you are a sailor yourself about to depart on a promising voyage long overdue. Whatever it is, wherever it takes you, whatever it makes you, remember one thing.



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