Then Let It Go

at Pteros Gallery ~ February, 2002



remem53zremem57zIt’s all very well to Remember One Thing, but what should we do when we finally have? Should we carry it with us the rest of our days, say things about it whenever we can, help other people to understand what it is we remember? It really is a difficulty...or maybe not, perhaps we should just let it go. Whoa, now wait a minute here, why should we go to all that trouble to remember one thing if we let it go as soon as we do. Why not just let it go right away, isn’t that how it is in the first place before we remember at all? Actually not. Remembering and letting it go are part of the self same thing. They are happening at the self same time if you can find a way to place yourself.


remem52wremem50zSee here’s how it is: you sit on the mat and you face the wall. The Sweet Chestnut heap keeps you company as you try to remember one thing. On the other side of the crack in the wall, the boat faces you as it sails your way through the Territory sea. When you’re there on the mat you are there out at sea looking back at yourself in the everyday world. Remembering is a two-places feeling, a yearning from both sides now, an agitation that helps you shift and change your orientation.

But what if you turned and changed your perception, sat with your back to the crack in the wall and looked through the single set of hands that hang in the hole in the window screen. What if you travelled through the window, away from the one thing remembering you, into and through the everyday world until remem51zyou find the empty field behind the mini mall lot. Circle around the bush you find there and see what there is to see. Now what if the everyday world all around is actually the Territory. Maybe you’re not in the world after all, perhaps you are out in the Territory sea watching the ship sailing quietly away through the waves as it makes its way coming back to you as you sit on the mat and try to remember one thing.

This is the start of how you let go, and really, with all this going on at the very same time in numerous places, how can you be anywhere at all, doing anything? Remember one thing, but as soon as you do, then let it go! And if you do all that’s left of you is what’s facing yourself, and this could lead to something different than what you imagine now.




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