Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 4: Territory Characteristics (part b)


Now there's another way that space can change and it's even more strange than the first. Sometimes the space of the Territory has unfolded itself in the everyday world already. That's hard to describe and confusing to see initially but it happens all the time. Stranger yet, it sometimes occurs that a single space in the everyday world actually contains two or three different spaces of the Territory. Where you end up it all depends on which path you take and what kind of story you're following.

Now look at the map below, it shows what's there at the southern edge of the Island Of The Empty Twelve. The places marked A show the edge of the cliffs at the southernmost tip. The beach below is marked off with B. There are blocks and blocks of space in between in the everyday world, but seeing it all in the Territory, if you stepped off the cliff at the place marked X, you'd fall right away to the place marked Z on the beach below. Well not exactly right away. Actually there's a fair bit of plummet involved in between. I've done it myself and it's fun in a way if you have the mind and the stomach that day. But it was hard to see initially what all that extra everyday space could be in the Territory. I've marked these blocks with the letter C, quite a lot of extra space that doesn't seem initially to connect with the Territory on either side.


Francis was there, she was inbetween dances, and worked with me to figure it out. At first we just walked along the cliffs, days and days and weeks went by without a single clue. Well actually we had a few, we knew there had to be Pirates involved and we found a very interesting place that I've marked on the map as D. It was really a peephole that looked down and out from the face of the cliff. From the refuse there and the odd debris we could tell it was used by Pirates to see what was there in the water below. In the everyday world it was the end of an alley, in the everyday world you could walk yourself there with nary a problem. In the Territory though there was no way to go. You could be at the top of the cliffs if you chose, you could walk on the beach with the waves on your toes; but all that everyday space in between didn't seem to be there in the Territory. Was it hanging in space in some warped out way, was it really the face of the cliff turned sideways? Wherever it was, there was no way to get there, looking at things in the Territory way.

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