Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 6: Territory Stories (part c)


Territory money. You'll need that too, there are lots of things that you'll want to do that require some currency. Territory Taxi Drivers are there to drive you up a wall or down a street, Storytellers you chance to meet can sell you the way to the start of a path. You might like to eat a Dangerous Dinner, or take a seat on the Hungry Ghost Bus, you might even want to have a heat in the Happy Ghost Sauna Bath. It's going to take money whatever you do, so you better be sure that you pick some up. In the everyday world it gets piled in banks, the money's kept separate and locked away while they count it all out and they make up rules about who gets what and who doesn't. In the Territory money is free, it falls from the sky and it grows on the trees, it lies all around on the ground where you walk and you can pick up as much as you want.

At first it's hard to really see just what this Territory money can be, but actually the way it works out it can be anything that you want. Whatever old stuff you like enough to pick up and carry around. Leaves and sticks and bits of glass, rocks and metal springs. Such trash as this I hear you say! Can't be true, there's just no way. No- one would ever accept it as cash or even an IOU. But you'd be surprised what you can pass as personal money when you get asked to pay the bill or fill the hat that someone has passed to you. Territory money, it's not just objects, it's anything that has energy from the Territory inside. Trade can be made with emotions you know, if you release them and let them go. And you'll be amazed at the treasure you're paid for only just being yourself in a way that you want to be already.

The Territory money story helps you remember the value there is in seeing the world just the way that it is. You're being paid constantly when you're in the Territory. It has nothing to do with how you value yourself or the work that you do. Money is only energy that has taken specific form. The best thing to do is just pass the stuff on, to keep the energy moving around. The worst thing to do is to hoard it all up in one single place. If you do it will burst or just leak away, either way its potential is gone. So by picking up the Territory money and passing it on you work with the story of how money is as you play with the way the energy moves.

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