Globe And Mail (Toronto) Dec 18, 1999

In these frenzied days when churches are firmly locked and shopping malls are eternally open, and there seems to be no escape from the despair-inducing strains of white Christmas, I'm dreaming of a quiet retreat where I can just sit still and breathe. En Burk and Allen Morgan, two artists who combine their spiritual and aesthetic practices, have spent the better part of the past year creating such an oasis of calm in a rented studio in a westend warehouse. They are opening it to the public this evening and tomorrow afternoon as a kind of holiday gift to the world-weary. The space glows with the light of a hundred votive candles, which float from the ceiling. Weblike partitions created from skeins of multicoloured woollen threads extend from ceiling to floor, creating rainbow-like corridors and enclosures. Visitors can follow the soft corridors around the perimeter of the room, pausing at various candle-lit shrines that include a small, burbling fountain; a tent with a crystal at its centre; and playful clusters of feathers, rocks, masks, glass balls and mandalas woven by Burk from willow branches. At the centre of the room is a large pyramidal tent with cushions arranged in a circle on the floor. Don't be put off by the New Age overtones - the space is lovely and the peace is heavenly

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