An Expedition To Maya Wood Oct 2 & 3, 1998


Thanks for coming to The Territory Orphanage. The event you have come to observe has already started. A number of Orphans are out in the Territory and should be approaching The Territory Orphanage as you read this. Four observers have chosen to become participants and have joined them on their journey. They'll all arrive at about 8:00 so be sure to find a seat before that time. One of the orphans (Orbit) has stayed behind and will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

This is an excellent night to be visiting The Territory Orphanage. There is a strong and unusual energy available around the time of the full moon associated with an equinox. The Territory Orphanage becomes an access point at this time, and the Orphans are planning to use this opportunity to travel to Maya Wood. They don't know what to expect, but they've had some premonitions from the Territory Characters that live there.

This event could not occur without your presence. Although the Orphans won't be able to see you very well (to their sight you will seem oddly ghost-like), the fact that you came to observe this event helps keep the access to Maya Wood open. You may have a few odd sights yourself. Because you are part of the process that creates the access, you'll certainly see Maya Wood even before the Orphans do. When they first arrive they'll only be able to see The Territory Orphanage, even though Maya Wood is right there all around them. Maybe that's not all that surprising, you've probably been in the same situation yourself many times. There's an abundance of wonderful opportunities all around us all the time if we could just shift our sight slightly to perceive them. So all the orphans are grateful to you for being here tonight to help keep the sight of Maya Wood open to us all.

The event should last about two hours. As it ends the Orphans will leave the Clearing and continue on into Maya Wood with the Territory Characters. They should return to the Orphanage about ten minutes later, so you can wait for them here if you want to talk with them. There is a donation basket near the door and anything you can give will be greatly appreciated. Please sign the guest book and let us know what you think. This is also a good place to leave your name and phone/address so we can contact you with information about upcoming Orphanage events and opportunities.

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