The Prime Ministers' Underwear

So listen, I've got this great idea here, and it's a real poke in a pig let me tell you. Briefly it's this: I want to collect and display the Prime Minsters' Underwear. No joke, I think lots of people would like to see what those politicians have been wearing underneath, cause if we got a good look at their secret garments we'd know their true colours for sure. And the underwear doesn't lie my friend, all their hidden personality traits would be right there for the world to see - residues from their life and times would adhere to the weave and the woof.

Look, don't get me wrong right away at the start, this isn't some lowbrow peepshow display. It's going to be tasteful all the way, as much as it possibly can. Plaques with info about each PM, a golden clothesline, an entire installation in fact to make the whole thing a show. They way I'm thinking about it now, a tent would be the best way to go to enclose and include the entire display. Kind of like a side show thing, but tasteful you know? You could bring your mother and she could bring you, and neither of you would be the least bit ashamed. It's art, it's culture and history, an intimacy with the country's finest. And maybe I'll get an old PM to open the show. I was thinking Joe, but I don't know, when he sees his red thong on display, he might not be so keen.

Now I'm going to be honest with you here, I don't have a clue how to get the actual underwear. I could write away to Jean and Brian, but what're the odds they come through with the goods? And most of the others are dead and gone, how would I even start to look for the skivvies of the good Sir John A? So I'm going to make the underwear myself and pass it off as the real thing. Okay, okay, the underwear's fake, but people have a right to know what the PMs are really like. They'll buy the story and maybe some shorts and we'll all have some fun in the long run.

And the underwear, that's not all I'll have. I've been collecting some Genuine Canadian Relics to further enhance the display. Some have come from PMs past: the Fuddle Duddle Rose for instance, the one Trudeau wore that day when he said it . I'll also include some other fine relics like Anne Of Green Gables' Toe (tastefully displayed as you can see if you just click here).

Canada's leaders unveiled and revealed, kind of a secret history of the country itself. And I'd like to include the underwear of the current party leaders as well. Don't know about you, but I know about me, and I wouldn't vote for any of these guys if I didn't get at least a peak at what they keep hidden underneath.

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