The Story Of The Lost Expedition
6 consecutive Wed night workshops from Oct 28 thru Dec 02/ 2015

"When The Lost Expedition met they sat in a circle of twelve seats, one of which was always empty"


    These workshops focus on using Story as a way to talk about something that can’t be talked about, to refer to something that can’t be seen directly, to bring unknowns (even unknowable unknowns) into relationship together. When used this way Story can become a framework to facilitate a change in consciousness for an individual within a group and, more importantly, to facilitate a change in consciousness for the group-as-a-whole. Participants in the workshops will be encouraged to take on a role within the story and to let the story evolve and inform their investigation.

    Allen Morgan and En Burk have been working with the Story Of The Lost Expedition since 1986, with many other artists taking part over the years. Recently this investigation has taken on the form of a mandala. These workshops will take place within this mandala landscape.

    Working with the Story Of The Lost Expedition can be particularly useful for artists of all persuasions. In order to take on a role in the Story and sit on one of the seats in the circle of twelve, it will be necessary for workshop participants to remember and then encourage a relationship with the unknown (and perhaps even unknowable) source that lies at the heart of their own personal work. Finding new ways to express and act within such a relationship is a primary concern for all artists.

    There is a somewhat unusual fee schedule for the 6 workshops: $30 to be paid by participants before or at the 1st workshop. After they complete the 2nd workshop $20 will be paid to participants at each subsequent workshop they attend. There are only10 spaces available for these workshops.

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