Info on what you need to get a free page here


1) You have to be a Toronto based artist (although we will consider other Canadian artists from other areas if we have room: Ontario first, then Canada).

2) You have to send us the words you want on your page. Send a word processing file if you can, but if you can't then send a typed version so it can be scanned and turned into a word processing file by our OCR programme (the thing is, I don't want to retype your words).

3) You have to send a photo of your work. Send a scanned jpg image if you can, but if you can't just send a photograph (colour or black and white).

4) You have to send your name, phone contact, e-mail contact, and/or snailmail address. We want to be able to contact you.

5) You have to wait around until we get around to adding you (hopefully not too long).


Contact us via e-mail (and attach your wordprocessing file and jpg photo to mail) at or phone (416-538-4003) or write a letter (Territory Orphans, 87 Wade Ave, Studio 305, Toronto M6H 1P5.


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