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Calendar of upcoming Toronto area art events

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Artists Pages on this site:

Aina Tilups: abstract nature photography

Michelle Loughery: murals, bronzes, stain glass, painting

Helene Lesage: murals, trompe l'oeil, oil paintings

Ron Terrill: art dealer and agent, gnome consultant

Richard Preston: Multi-media, figures, landscapes

Sharon Lynne Wright: (paintings, photography, illustration)

J.A. Fligel: Sculptor, bronze, figures, realism.

Lisa Cripps: painting

Mati Saastamoinen: painting

Jonathan Hiltz: painting

Maureen Walton: murals

Richard Mongiat: painting

Kurt Rostek: painting

Irena Vormittag: painting

Laura Riggs: painting, murals

Megan Sinnett: (painting)

Fraser Paterson: (sculptor - stone, steel and wood)

Artists - Links to their own site

Eva Lewarne (painting):

Melody Starkweather (pet portraits, painting):

Klara Elek (painting):

Trevor Craig McDonnell (painting):

Eva Lewarne: (painting)

Sharin Barber: (painting)

Sharon Lynne Wright: (pastel and watercolor paintings, photography, illustration)

Megan Sinnett: (painting)

Fraser Paterson: (sculptor - stone, steel and wood)

Ronzig: (digital photoArt)

Herry Arifin: (watercolour)

Hermine Henry: (painting, watercolour, batik, collage, textiles)

Albert Iannaci: (painting)

Charlene Chartrand : (painting)

Kirstie Acton: (painting)

Vishal Misra (painting, illustration, murals)

Susy Bleasby - (mural artist - hospitals/residential; pet portraits;painting)

Cornelius Spek: (muralist/artist)

Christine Turcot: (painting, tapestries)

Krzysztof Zukowski: (3-D art, sculpture, design)

John Cerullo (drawing):

Matthew Agostinis: (furniture design)

Pauline Thompson: (painting)

Richard Preston: (painting, textiles, sculpture)

Hunter Vaughan: (clay sculpture)

Chantale Pharand: (painting):

Jos van Riswick: (still life painting):

Judith Mullett: (painting/installation):

Nick Biagini: (painting):

Sarah Bradbury: (painting):

Lindsay Stephensen: (illustrator):

Christian McLeod : (painting):

tom ma: (photography/painting):

Kurt Rostek: (painting):

Maya Kulenovic: (painting)

Juanmiguel Giralt : (painting):

Ian Pearson: (painting)

Leon Engelen: (painting)

Richard Thompson and Sara Genn (painting):

Lynda Cronin (visual artist, installation, sculpture)

Maxi Boyd (mixed media):

Corrado Mallia: (murals):

Helene Lesage: (murals, trompe l'oeil, oil paintings): Dreamscape Art Studio

Maureen Walton (murals):

Carole Joskowitz (Toronto artist, doll maker and sign painter)

John Sayer: (paintings, sculpture and embossed collages)

Gregory Robins (steel sculptor):

Ian Revell (photography):

Gary Mulcahey (photography)

David Barilla (rugs):

Mark Thorburn (artwork, photos, formula one, motorcycle and aviation digital silkscreen prints):


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