Megan Sinnett


My current work revolves around the practice of large-scale oil and encaustic portraits. I am particularly interested in the notion of 'type' as it relates to representation of the human face, both through detail specific, and conversely, painterly and generalized methods of portraiture. I have explored varying typifications through the "Re-re-enactment: Invention of Hysteria" series, and my current series, “Missing”.

I recently graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design with a BFA, and plan to pursue my MFA in the near future. My work has been exhibited in artist-run, commercial, and public galleries across Ontario, including the OCAD Gallery, Spin Gallery, Gallery 1313, and Xpace. I currently work at a gallery, and paint murals and teach art classes with Visual Arts Mississauga. Additionally, my essays on contemporary art discourse have been published, and I have been profiled on CBC Television, Rogers Television, and in the Mississauga News.

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