Boating In The


  by Bonzai Yak

  112 pages

Chapter 4: Territory Characteristics (part a)


That Seaside Sue, she's a sideways gal, pretends she's my most dependable pal, which she is in a portside way. Out on the bay she's a different fish, that smile of hers looks a pretty sight in the golden glow of the Boaters Cafe, but later at night by the light of the moon, those teeth show a bite that she hides from sight underneath her afternoon smile. Comes from her interest in Pirates I'd say. One in particular makes her that way, he sharpens her teeth every time they meet and they meet whenever they can. Jake The Snake, that son of a seacow, that spawn of squid, make no mistake or he'll take your skin. Meet him at night out of sight of land, you'd best keep your harpoon near at hand, or at least a belaying pin.

Now don't get me wrong, old Jake's got style and he's taught me a thing every once in a while. Trouble is though his style has an edge, he sees things with wrong- angle eyes. Notices parts of the way you are that you don't even know yourself. And he takes what he sees, holds it in trust temporarily, or at least so he says. Not all that easy to get yourself back, he holds those orphan parts that he stole for ransom. It takes a good while and a lot of work to reclaim yourself. The hardest thing is to know what's gone, cause if you're like me it's hard to see the secret places inside your own self. Course once you know and you pay the price to get yourself back, you have a lot more than you had before. Not too comfortable, that's the whole problem, and Jake he's got something of mine right now. I want it back whatever it is. Seaside Sue, she knows what he's got, I can see that she does from that smile of hers when we talked just now. Won't say a word though till Jake makes his move so I just got to sit here and wait for a while.

Pirates. Can't live with them, can't do without them. It'd drive me crazy if I weren't kind of crazy already. Let's lay them Pirates aside for now and get back to Territory maps. Got a few more things to say, there's more going on than first meets the eye, the nose knows more than it does at first sniff and there's sounds all around that appear to be pitched in a way that the ears can't always hear.

In the Territory time and space aren't quite the same as they are in the everyday world. Space spreads out and time does too, or sometimes it works just the opposite way and they squeeze together instead. Remember that practice park you put on your Territory map? I'll bet you found that the bay it enclosed in the Territory was a whole lot larger than the space in the park of the everyday world. Sailing your boat around the bay you covered a whole lot more space in the water than you did if you walked in an everyday way. Took longer too, more things to do and many more sights to see. Same thing happens when you sail the seas anywhere in the Territory. The moment of time that your boat sails through will stretch and expand to accommodate you. It's less of a measure of ticks on a clock and more of an opportunity to shift yourself inside. And all that space and all that time is compressed in that ordinary place you've defined in the everyday world.

That's one way space can change its shape when you're out there in a boat. An amazing amount of Territory can lie in wait contained inside an everyday space. The view from the boat allows you to see a higher degree of dimensionality than you normally do in the everyday world. Now the everyday world is a 3-D place so the view from your boat is a way to see at right angles to that. That's hard to conceive of but simple to do, just roll your poles with your favourite crew. Moving your view at right angles to the everyday world, that's not exactly the very best way to really explain it. There's an odd sort of feeling involved in the shift, so maybe its better in fact to say that you see at wrong angles instead. Whatever way that you say that it is it all happens in the belly. Sailing a ship in the Territory is definitely a navel activity.

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