Empty Banking At The Boaters Cafe'


So maybe you've heard (or maybe you haven't) The Empty Bank is opening a branch at the Boaters Cafe'! Maybe you want to be part of the action (or maybe you don't), but either way you'll want to know more about what's going on with this Empty Bank thing. Can you actually spend empty money? And what would it buy? Where can you get some? Is it all just a lie? Absolutely. Not.

Here's some info from the Territory Banking Pamphlet:

"In the everyday world we usually deal exclusively with form. This tendency is especially so when we try to decide what we want for ourselves. We each have our own set of preferences for the form that we'd like to have. And little by little, bit by bit, we amass the cash to make sure we can get what we think we need. It all gets down to the money, honey: stack it in bills, track it in columns, pack it up in portfolios. And then you have to invest what you have to make even more, to provide for the future, to pay for the past, to support all your present needs.

"Now maybe that's fine as far as it goes, but how far is that, just ask yourself (how far is that?). Where does form originate from and where does it go when it finally subsides? The empty side, wherever that is, you've heard the rumors already I'm sure, those Buddhist guys have been yakking for years, though they never tell you where it is except that it isn't anywhere here. But still, you know, it's certainly true that form is only emptiness (and emptiness is only form). So. If you want to spend your time investing in form, you probably should find a way to invest in emptiness too... Wow! This could cause some problems, right? I mean you can get the form part, fine, that's here, it's easy to grasp. But this emptiness: how do you find it, where do you look, how do you know when you actually have it? And how could you possibly ever know the best way to invest in it?

"Luckily you're not alone. The Territory Bank is here, ready and willing to invest for you on the empty side. And you are going to need some help with this: investing in the emptiness, it's not that easy, take my word, just think how hard it is right now to invest on the side of form! Getting your money working for you, it's tough to do. And you can see that stuff, well actually not, it's mostly numbers, but never mind, you can count it, right? Well maybe not that easily, keeping track of such things is hard. Anyone with any smarts (like you for instance) knows they need to find someone else to help them invest, a financial adviser, someone who knows the way to wheel and deal in the world of form. And if you need investment help to work with the form, you really, really desperately need someone to help with the empty side.

"All that emptiness just sitting there wherever it isn't, it can get to you, it really can. But there's no need to worry, none at all. Just come on in to The Territory Bank with all your empty needs. We have safe deposit, savings and loans, investment help with portfolios; it's exactly the same as a regular bank, except that it's done on the empty side, so it's completely different...."


Want to know more? Sure you do! Why not?

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