freez1  alley1w
This film was made around and about Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto (Nov 2005)
run time: 7 min 45 sec
You go through life walking straight down the road, you stop in here, you stop in there and then you go on to the next place to go. But every so often you catch a glimpse of a whole different landscape away to the side of the moment you hide in. It seems such an oddly familiar place, and everything awaiting there is connected to you so intimately. Why not float free and slide to the side of reality? Visit the alleys behind the main streets. You don’t have to stay - return to the world anytime you like. All that suchness is always right there. And because it is, you can always slip off to the side again and the sideways can slip inside you.
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ort-1a  greg-01
This film was made in Liverpool during the 2006 Arts Biennial
run time: 3 min 52 sec
We stayed at the Living Gallery in Liverpool during the 2006 Biennial (project: We Are Waking The Sleeping Giant). The Art Organization (TAO) fixed up and curated this 18th Century building (which had been empty for thirty years prior. Lots of people coming through. Lots of love and good feeling with Greg and Steve taking care of it all. Who wouldn’t want to go back?
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root03x.jpg  will02wZ.jpg
This film was made in Liverpool during the 2006 Arts Biennial
run time: 21 min 31 sec (May 2007)
There are twelve ancient Giants sleeping throughout the world. One of them is in Liverpool and its dreaming as it sleeps. Its dreaming a dream of waking up, and all the people of Liverpool and everyone coming to visit there are part of the Giants dreaming. The Giant is calling to all of us to help it awake, and the very fact that youre dreaming this now and Im part of your dreaming just goes to show that the time of the Giants awakening is drawing near.
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voice1  voice2
This is the film version of the Empty Banking Pamphlet Meet The Banking Staff
~ run time: 5 min 30 sec ~
It was very strange: there I was just sitting there minding my own business when this voice started talking to me right inside my head - something about an Empty Bank and how I should invest...

bed11C.jpg  bed03.jpg
~ run time: 6 min 19 sec ~

One morning in spring 1968 I woke up to find this guy knocking on the door. Turned out he was a draft dodger from the states and had just arrived in Toronto. Turned out he didn't have much money so my housemate Bernie (who worked at Toronto Anti-Draft) had hired him to build a bed. When I realized what he was about I asked him to start all over again and got out the camera.

conver1  conver2
This is the film version of the Empty Banking Pamphlet The Territory Safe Deosit Box
run time: 7 min 54 sec ~
Somebody’s talking inside my head, telling me form is emptiness and emptiness is form - wants me to come to the Empty Bank and make an empty deposit....

carla05c.jpg  carla08.jpg
~ run time: 9 min 0 sec ~

I shot this film in the fall of 1967 when I was a playwrighting student at Carnegie Melon Drama School. I did the editing when I arrived in Toronto in 1968 so Carla Meyers never saw the end result. Maybe she’ll see it now that it’s digitized and on-line.

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bank1  bank2
This is the film version of the Empty Banking Pamphlet The Territory Bank
run time: 9 min 05 sec ~
So here’s this guy in my head again, he’s onto to me like flies on brie and me, if I don’t watch out I’ll be stuck with him. He wants me to come to the Empty Bank, invest in emptiness he says. But if I had my way I’d drive away and leave him with you instead.

basement09C.jpg  basement17.jpg
~ run time: 8 min 59 sec ~

It was 1968 and me and this other guy, we were just hanging around one day with nothing to do so we decided to make a movie. We smoked ourselves a joint and then we had another (I mean it was the sixties, you know?) and the movie, it was just happening - things were disappearing and other things were appearing and the Bolex was a chugging along with us hanging onto it. Then Moses came over and we had another joint and he started appearing and disappearing just like us and we had this far out idea about the wall not being a wall but something else so we put it in the movie too. Then we went upstairs and there was still a couple of feet of film in the camera and the baby was back so he got in the movie too because of the wall and birth and death and babies, they’re right there with all that, right?

tracks2  tracks1
This film shows how En found what she eventually put in her Empty Bank safe deposit box.
run time: 6 min 35 sec
Every moment is very large: essentially empty, yet full of space - and all the paths to the sideways places run right through. So stand right there for as long as you like, but eventually you’ll continue on and disappear from view.
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GiSat-07Q.jpg  g-dish23xQ.jpg
Stefano and I only briefly discussed tactics before filming the satellite dish’s ascent. I was to go ahead into the third eye, and when the camera was rolling I’d wave back for him to start his journey. The plan was for him to walk past and up the hill, checking the focus of the satellite dish from time to time, letting it hone in on the ideal location for its installation. I would follow and continue shooting the event as a continuous one-shot which would be later be condensed (though not edited). Stefano didn’t know exactly where we were headed as he had only been that way once before when we traveled the Giant’s midline channel in 2010. The whole event unfolded in a completely unique, nothing special sort of way. Suchness. Just that. Pay attention. Right there. Everything harmoniously aligned, though imersed in a quirky sort of energy.
~ run time: 16 min 15 sec ~

chris-12Am.jpg  chris-26w.jpg
run time: 9 min 06 sec

In early Spring 2005, Chris decided that he would make an investment in the Empty Bank. Now the Empty Bank is a curious thing; so when Chris first opened up an account he had no idea what his deposit might bring. Would it ever amount to much? Would he receive a return? As it turned out he did. Six months after he made his deposit, the Empty Bank alerted him that he’d already earned a dividend. They promised to send it on to him - not the dividend itself, but something else that would show him the way to the where and when his dividend was poking through in the world of form .So Chris knew that something was coming all right - but still, even so, when it finally arrived he was somewhat surprised to see that it had.

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jbapt1  jbapt2
This film shows one of the empty investment techniques used on behalf of our investors. Jean Baptiste is the name of this particular willow tree down by the Humber River
~ run time: 9 min 41 sec ~
An assistant manager at the Empty Bank visits a willow tree named Jean Baptiste to make an investment on behalf of four bank patrons.
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jag-01  Jag-02
This film was made in Toronto. It starts out in the Empty Bank and then goes on from there
run time: 28 min 54 sec
Trudy put a plastic jaguar into her safe deposit at the Empty Bank. One day when the banking staff arrived they found that Trudy’s box was empty and her jaguar had run away. This is the story of how Trudy and her friends followed the path that the jaguar took as it made it’s way away from the bank, and how the jaguar followed them
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remem1  remem2

This film was part of our installation at the Pteros Gallery. For more info on the installation click here

~ run time: 11 min 13 sec ~
In the everyday world we sometimes feel we’ve forgotten something very essential. We try to remember whatever it is whenever we can, but sometimes it’s hard to even remember there’s something that needs remembering. This short film was made around and about a gallery showing of an installation by En Burk and Allen Morgan at the Pteros Gallery, Toronto in 2002
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