~   The Story Of The Lost Expedition (part five)    ~


1) Mahamundi Mandala (part #2)

- The shapes of the inner mandala represent the joint work of the circles of sentient beings involved with the meeting.

- If the circles and squares of the 3D shapes above the centre of the mandala are dropped down to the floor they create the 2D squares and circles that are painted there.

- Two of these squares are associated with The Empty Circle

- The bright yellow square (with points) represents the “everyday world” landscape of The Empty Circle.
- The red square represents The Empty Circle’s “Territory” landscape

- Two of these squares are associated with The Open Circle.

- The orange square represents our human everyday world landscape.
- The grey square represents our human Territory landscape.

- The circles of the inner mandala painted on the floor must represent various consciousness states involved in the joint work of the circles. But at this point it’s probably best to wait before we try to understand what they are.

- Interestingly there are 2 circles painted on the floor that do not arise from shapes hanging in the air: The light yellow circle (that inscribes the bright yellow square) and the aqua circle itself. From where do these arise? Good question! But for now we’ll wait a bit longer before tackling that question too.

- Instead let’s first take a look at the gap between the aqua circle and the light yellow circle.


- This gap is structurally the same as the one we encountered earlier between the dark blue Territory consciousness circle and the aqua circle: two missing squares and two missing circles (in the case of the aqua circle the last being the light yellow circle that inscribes the dark yellow square).

- The seats of The Open Circle are arranged in this gap. They are associated with two of the shapes hanging in the centre of the mandala (but they don’t directly arise from them).

- The square seats are red on one side and brown on the other. They’re the same size as the red square seen in the joint work shapes of the inner mandala. (This red square represents the “Territory” landscape of The Empty Circle).

- The round empty seat of The Open Circle is salmon/pink. It’s the same size as the salmon/pink circle seen in the joint work shapes of the inner mandala. (This salmon/pink circle likely represents consciousness in the “Territory” landscape of The Empty Circle).

- Clearly The Empty Circle is providing the seats that support the members of The Lost Expedition in what for humans must certainly be an unattainable consciousness state.

- But the seats themselves can’t be indigenous here without some outside help. Perhaps the gap’s missing squares and circles are involved, but it’s hard to see how they could possibly be a strong enough force... an influence, yes, but something more structural must be involved to hold the seats here...

- Time now to look more closely at the 2 circles that are not associated with the shapes hanging above the inner mandala. From where do these 2 circles arise?

- Consider the hook on the ceiling above the centre of the inner mandala

- The 20 strings that come down from this point create a cone in the 3D space.

- The cone that descends from the hook on the ceiling creates the light yellow consciousness circle on the floor (which inscribes the bright yellow landscape square associated with the “everyday world” of The Empty Circle).

- These strings continue outwardly along the floor from the light yellow circle, traveling under the seats all the way to the circumference of the aqua circle. They then go upwards into the air fanning out to generate triangular shapes that create a jagged circular wall going all around the aqua circle. The entire shape is like a yellow string basket which structurally holds The Open Circle’s circle of seats.

- We already know from investigating the previous gap (between the dark blue consciousness in the Territory circle and the aqua circle where The Lost Expedition met) that the 3D volume of the room represents a 6D landscape. So, from where do the cone and basket emanate?

- The strings that form them come out from the hook point in the ceiling. That means they are coming into the 6D landscape of the mandala from the next set of three dimensions lying outside and beyond this landscape: these shapes must originate in 9D (!)

- There must be a third circle of sentient beings involved in this meeting!

- The Open Circle is native to 3D space, The Empty Circle is native to 6D space, and this third circle (let’s call it The Primal Circle) is native to 9D space.

- The meeting (which we now see involves all three circles) is taking place in the aqua consciousness circle (which is in 6D space).

- This makes sense because it is only one set of 3 dimensions up or down from the other two circles (which are native to 3D and 9D).

- The Empty Circle is “hosting” the meeting in their native 6D space and is responsible for providing the path that the members of The Open Circle (The Lost Expedition) must follow to find their way to this consciousness state.

- We’ve already seen that The Primal Circle is responsible for generating the light yellow circle which holds all the inner mandala shapes (which represent the nature of the joint work of the meeting). The same yellow cone generates the basket shape and the aqua circle. This indicates that The Primal Circle called the meeting (and the two other circles answered their call).

- Now that we know there’s a third circle involved, we better re-examine the gaps we’ve encountered in the mandala so far.


- When we looked at the first gap (between the dark blue consciousness-in-the-Territory circle and the aqua circle) we identified the aqua circle as belonging to the influence of The Empty Circle. But we now know that this aqua circle is generated by the cone-and-basket that emanates from The Primal Circle’s 9D landscape.

- So in this first gap the two landscape squares and the first conscious circle are being provided by The Empty Circle to make the path for The Lost Expedition to find their way back to their circle of seats. But the second circle in this gap (the aqua circle) is actually provided by The Primal Circle and not by The Empty Circle as we first supposed.

- We’ve also seen that there are two squares and two circles in the second gap (between the aqua circle and the light yellow circle). One of those circles must belong to The Empty Circle (since it is no longer associated with the aqua circle). It can’t be the light yellow circle because we’ve see that this circle is also generated by the yellow cone-and-basket that emanates from The Primal Circle’s 9D landscape.

- So the remaining missing consciousness circle in the aqua gap must belong to The Empty Circle. This is the first circle going inward; it touches and holds all the seats of The Open Circle. This makes sense because the seats are all the same size as shapes of the inner mandala already associated with The Empty Circle.

- The two remaining landscape squares in the aqua gap must belong to The Primal Circle

- Let’s look at these two gaps as one single gap with two sub sections. The first sub section is about bringing the members of The Lost Expedition to the 3-way meeting. The Empty Circle makes the path for them to follow and The Primal Circle provides the consciousness state where the meeting takes place. The second sub section is about providing the place of the meeting itself and then creating access to the inner mandala which shows the nature of the joint work that the three circles will pursue together.

- There’s another string cone that arises from 9D: it comes through the floor from a point at the centre of the mandala and goes up to the largest hoop above the aqua circle.



- If this circle drops down to the floor it creates the largest blue consciousness circle of the inner mandala (which inscribes the orange square landscape associated with our own human everyday world)

- So not only does The Primal Circle create and place the bright yellow “everyday world”square of The Empty Circle into the structure of the joint work of the meeting, it is also directly responsible for creating and placing the everyday world square of The Open Circle in the joint work of the meeting as well.

- The intimacy of the relationship that is shared by The Open Circle, The Empty Circle and The Primal Circle is not unknown to us, even in our everyday world.

- Animal/vegetable/mineral is a defining set and the basis for a children’s guessing game.

- In older times circles of stones and circles of trees were often crucial elements in important human activities. It is not unusual (particularly in the UK) to see a tree, a stone and some human element arranged together as a functional part of some ancient historical site. Perhaps the work of the Open, Empty and Primal Circles was more widely known in older times than it seems to be today.


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