~   The Story Of The Lost Expedition (part six)    ~


4) Some Final Thoughts

- We started our investigation with a simple sentient story:

“When The Lost Expedition met
they sat in a circle of 12 seats,
one of which was always empty”

- Right at the start many questions arose, the usual questions, troublesome questions: how do we know this story is true, where did it come from, what does it mean?

- But our initial premise was to not decide if it was true or not, but rather to act as if we believed that it was and see what would happen and what we could do. Quite a lot as it turned out! By joining in with the sentient story of The Lost Expedition and taking a role as the story unfolded we were able to access states of mind that were not at all available before.

- And so it seems and so it goes: if we don’t get caught up in questions and answers but open our hearts and minds instead to the new and unusual relationships between the unknowns we are drawn toward, difficulties drop away to reveal a gentle intimacy.

- If we were the only ones taking a role in the unfolding story none of this would be possible. Luckily though there are other circles of sentient beings already there within the story, ready to help and encourage us to join in with the ongoing work.

- Ten directions, three worlds; two landscapes, three circles; animal/vegetable/mineral; one-potato/two-potato/three-potato\four, 3D/6D/9D/more(?):fuggedaboutit! (and then try to remember it all again). In the end you just gotta ask yourself: what’re we supposed to do with all this? Whatever we want in whatever way we can, what a gentle joy it is for us to play this way; you and me and we and us and all the other guys: what else could we possibly want to do?



~~~  End Of Part Six  ~~~


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