Orbit And Ortney At The Territory Orphanage

The Territory Orphanage - 2001
The Territory Orphanage - 2014

Toronto artists En Burk & Allen Morgan have been actively interested in installation art, theatre, Territory landscape and expeditions as well as movement, music and stories.. You can e-mail us: territory@territory.org

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Wake The Sleeping Giant: So here's a new thing - we're planning to wake the Giant that is sleeping in/on/amidst Liverpool. And we need your help (!) What do you say? Didn't know there was a sleeping Giant, in/on/amidst Liverpool or anywhere else? Neither did we until recently. Click here to find out more

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The Territory Theatre Company: We're starting a theatre company. If you want to read the info letter we just sent out to our mailing list just click here.

Backstage At The Bardo: The Territory Orphanage. Backstage At The Bardo was open during the fall of 2002. If you want to see photos, just click here.

Pteros Gallery Show: Click here to see photos of our gallery installation: Remember One Thing (Feb 2002)

Garian's Mandala: The final showing of this installation art, Territory Landscape by Toronto artists Orbit and Ortney was in Sept - Oct 2000. There are many photos of the final installation. To go to the main page for Garian's Mandala, click here.

A Clearing In Maya Wood: this was the 1998 installation by Toronto artists Orbit and Ortney. It was open for public viewing Sept 19 - 26 1998. There were performances in the installation on Oct 2 & 3 1998 ~ at The Territory Orphanage, 87 Wade Ave, studio 305, Toronto ~ first showing: June 12 - 28 1998

Anne Of Green Gables' Toe: You know you really want to see this Genuine Canadian Relic, so click here

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Bark Pictures: Orbit has been spending a lot of time with the Barks recently. She's brought back a few snapshots of Bark Land which might be amusing for you to view. They might be confusing as well, but that's the way things look sometimes. If you're reading this and it's late at night you've got a better shot at being in tune with these Bark guys. Something about the midnight hour (before the break of dawn) that makes them make sense. Click here to go to Bark Land.

Territory Boating: The Territory is vast and wonderful, but it's a strange and shaggy thing to describe. We orphans don't explain it very well. Luckily though, Bonzai Yak has written a book called Boating In The Territory which talks a lot about it, so we've given him a part of the website to put his book on-line and generally hold forth. Click here if you want to find out more about the Territory, Bonzai Yak, boating and/or other strange stuff that's talked about in the Boaters Cafe.

There really is a Territory Orphanage and lots of orphans hang out there. We're hoping to create access from the virtual side sometime soon, or maybe later, but in the meantime click here if you want to find out more about orphans and the Territory Orphanage.

The Territory Orphans: Orbit & Ortney are just two of the Territory Orphans. Click here if you want to know who are Orbit and Ortney anyways? There are other orphans too. Click here to see snapshots of some of the other Orphans who have been hanging around the Orphanage recently

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Building The Bardo




Garian's Mandala



Photo Sequences



A Clearing in Maya Wood

June 12-26 /98

Sept 16-26 /98


Performance in A Clearing in Maya Wood

Oct 2-3 /98


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Read an essay on-line:

Garian's Mandala

(by Ortney)


Read a book on-line:

Boating In The Territory

(by Bonzai Yak)